September 5, 2007

My Mom's Adoption

My mom at age five!

Mom with her mama and papa

When I was growing up, adoption was talked about often. My mother was adopted at the age of five. She often spoke about the blessing that adoption had been to her life and of the love that she had for her adoptive parents. Though I have heard her story so many times, I asked her to write it down so I would always have it. Here is her story:

I was born Joyce King, on September 28, 1948. My parents were Shelvie and Goldie King. They had six children, but decided they couldn't afford to raise all of us. The two oldest girls were raised by our aunt and the oldest boy was raised by our fathers cousin. I, along with the two youngest boys, was given up for adoption. On January 20, 1953, Montie and Conrad Dalton took me to live with them. At first, they were going to try it for a week. They were older and feared they couldn't handle all of the work a child would bring. They took me back to my dad...I guess to think it over. After one night without me, they decided to adopt me! The Christmas Tree was still up when they got me back home. It was the first tree I ever saw. I'll never forget that first night with my forever family! January 20th was my mom (Montie's) birthday. They always told me that I was her present that year! I had a loving, wonderful Christian home. My mom made most of my cloths! I especially loved the one in the picture; it was a race car print! My mom was a professional wallpaper hanger and my papa drilled water and oil wells.

Mama and Papa Dalton after mother was grown


Jewels of My Heart said...

What a beautiful story of love and God's faithfulness... Thank you for visiting my blog. If you didn't get to read the first post about God's providence please scroll down and read it. Perhaps it was posted for you... I wanted to share the story of my children to glorify the Lord and to give hope to those who are where I have been. He is faithful and He loves us so much. His plans for us are so much more precious than anything we could ever hope for or imagine for ourselves. Hang in there. The Lord will provide...
God's Speed

Heather said...

SO touched by this beautiful story. I found your blog from Daleea's and wanted to share, we have struggled also at times - God will provide for our needs. Just wait til you hold your precious girl in your arms - it has been way more than I ever could have imagined! Trust His timing and His provision - He is working a miracle for you and your daughter right now.


Annette said...

wow, what a lovely story, it actually made me tear up a bit. So smart of you to have your mom write it down. My mom recently passed, and I wish I had written more of her (and my dad's, for that matter)stories down. Even better that it is in your mom's handwriting. This will be so treasured for you and your baby.

Kimber said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Thank you for sharing.