September 18, 2007

Please Introduce Yourself!

I saw this on another blog and thought it to be a great idea!!! We have had almost 1000 visitors since June 2007! We would love to get to know all of you. Are you enjoying the blog? Are you also waiting for your child? What are you doing to pass the time during the long wait? You can click on the comments link below this post and tell us about yourself! We'll look forward to hearing from you!


Susan Moore said...

Hi Michelle:

While we are waiting, I am "talking" to wonderful friends we have made along the journey like YOU! Reading YOUR blog, and thinking about how I have felt lately when I see a Ladybug, and knowing how similar it is to YOUR little story about the one you found in Raegan's room. Keep on posting, and we'll keep on reading.

I love the story about your Mom's adoption too. Good stuff.

While we are waiting we are "nesting", painting her room was all done in December, furniture, decorations, this weekend is the closet. As soon as we found out her height and weight, we went clothes shopping. My husband sees me walk in with a bag & he just shakes his head and laughs... Harrison already had me wrap Christmas presents for our daughter, just in case... and it's only September!

Hang in there kiddo, the waiting is the tough part, but oh the reward at the end for your patience...

Lots of love from Orlando,
Susan & Richard Moore

Kimber said...

Hi! You know me! I love the peanuts cartoon. Wish I had thought of that!

It is nice to find out who is reading the blog.

To answer your question...I get Kate's bows everywhere. She has some from Walmart (in the baby section). Some from fancy boutiques and some from Target. I try not to spend too much in them because my husband loses them. But sometimes a really nice bow calls my name:) I have not bought any on-line yet because I am too lazy but I love a site called Abbe Designs. They have some bows that are really special!


Danielle said...

Hi Michelle. I think you know me by now. The new look is up (obviously you know that if you're reading this).

Let me know what you think. I like to start simple and if you feel that it needs any changes let me know. I could put some flowers in the header, change the background....

Hope you like where I'm going with it.

Sheri said...

Hi Michelle:

I just found your site through Danielle's (she designed my blog recently). She does and great job, and yours looks awesome!

Our daughter, Sarah, joined our family last June. We have three older boys, and we can't imagine what our lives would have been without her! I know that the waiting is so hard, but once that precious little girl is in your arms, that long wait just disappears.

I'll enjoy following along on your journey through your blog.


Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

Hi Michelle,
I found you tonight by linking through NiHao y'all to Danielle and then to check out your blog design...Danielle will be doing ours soon too!

We are pround parents of one little shu mai from China and waiting for our second.

come on over and check us out! Our blog isnt as 'pretty' yet but we are hoping it will happen soon! Just picking out papers!


Mike, Hayley & Piper said...

okay, now we've been 'Danielle'd' so feel free to come over to visit!

one kiwi, one yankee, one Chinese dumplin'

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Michelle~

I found your blog on Diana's. BTW, it is lovely. Congratulations on being part of a wonderful journey. You won't regret it.

My husband and I adopted Lindy Li-Xiao in April 2006. She is our first child. She is the light of our life and a joy to everyone who meets her. We are paperchasing for her mei mei. We finally got our I-171H this week (yea) and hopefully it is on a desk in the TX Secretary of State's office with several other docs which need to be authenticated. Hoping to be DTC and LID in October.

I am silly and maintain three blogs. Feel free to stop by anytime.

May you have peace and joy during the wait and may you uncover many blessings along the way.


Maddys Mom said...

Hi Michelle:

I see that you have beento my blog before so I thought I'd stop by to say hello!

My dh & I are adopting our first child (I see you have our Gotcha day listed) on 10/28. Tis whole adoption community is so wonderful & it's been great to meet new friends via the net.

We would truly appreciate your prayers during our trip. I'll stop back from time to time to check in on how you're doing.

Tanya (aka Maddys Mom)

Nida&Tim said...

Hey Sis,

I just took a look at your blog.
Danielle did a great job . we all miss you very much. Tim and I are so looking forward to the arival of Reagen! I ask him about everyday if there was any newsabout her. I can not wait a new niece to spoil.. I am so Proud to have family like you and John, You to are great people and "michelle you will be a great mom ". The goodness in you shines .And in your smile and your laugh They are full of love and hope . I know when Reagen arives she will be the joy in your life .. We love you!!

Nida&Tim said...

I hope you like this I was sitting here watching Erica sleeping and I got to thinking of you and so I wrote this . I hope you like it love tim and nida.
Mommy's There
I watch my child sleeping and I see the angle there
I wonder what shes dreaming and if her mommys there
I know I did not carry her feeling her kick and strech
and play. I did not feel the pain of birth to help her on her way.

I love this child sleeping so sweetly in her crib .
I Thank God everyday for this precious grift That
her bith mother give.

I used to watch mothers laughing and holding there child close
I would sit there smiling with a silent hunger there
Praying for one of my one to hug and love and care.

I finally realized that God does things his way and always
rite on time .I found her in a Dream and in a childs smile
God even gave me her name to me thru the eyes
of another child.

OH my precious Baby sleeping there so sweet
I trace your face with my finger, touching you
and holding you finally made the journey complete
All the pain and fear gently slipes away when
you know your finaly there

I travled across the ocean to bring you close to
me. Oh what A journy It was to finally get you here.
paper work and politecs It was a great big mess
But God was always smiling wispering do not distress
Because your little baby is coming home

She is wakeing up her tiny eyes peeking up at me
smileing with those big brown eyes And I see my reflection there
I hold her close and rock her in our favorite chair I sing to her a lullybye
and she nows her mommy is there.

Oneida stephens