November 11, 2007

Our Saturday Adventure...

We are not working any more Saturday's till after Christmas!!! WooHoo is the only reaction I can come up with for now. It is getting cold here and neither of us is excited about that. Oh well. Yesterday we went on a fabric hunt. You know John was excited about this! Our quilt project for Raegan's 100 Good Wishes Quilt is winding down fast. Fabric needs to be here by Thanksgiving!!! A sweet lady at work,Cathy, gave me the skinny on this great out of the way fabric shop. What a find! In a little town called Orangeville, Illinois; down a dirt road, and in the homeowners finished basement was 6000 bolts of fabric! Oh my...looked like Christmas morning to me!!! JOY JOY JOY!!!! John didn't seem to mind the fabric hunt to badly and even helped by picking out the fabric for the back side of the quilt. He is a real treasure to me! Our neighbor will be starting the quilt right after Thanksgiving! I can hardly wait to see it finished!!!

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