February 3, 2008

An Abby Fix!

For my faithful followers that haven't seen our pound puppy in a while...this is what Abby does while I am getting ready for work in the morning!


Anonymous said...

One word......AWWWWWW!


Rony said...

Awwww. Tooo cute.... I just picked up on that you too were using "The leader in Chinese Adoptions". If you ever want to chat drop me a line. I know how frustrating it is!


secret agent said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Cute puppy, my beagle unmakes my bed every day while I'm at work and burrows under the covers.
I change my sheets a lot.

Rony used to work for "The leader"

I'm with the real leader, woo.hoo...

and as much as IA brings in to China
I'm afraid it is nothing compared to what the olympics will bring in.

this is all so sad.

Annette said...

Hi...you've been tagged! I left something on my blog.