March 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

*I am especially thankful for having "met" this special baby girl! She is 8 weeks old in this picture, and continues to improve! She, along with her mom and dad, are at the top of my daily prayers! You can check out their blog here.

*I know I have said this months ago, but, it deserves repeating. I am very thankful for my coworkers. They have made me so I am part of a big extended family!

*I am thankful that my hair is finally growing out. Remind me of that if I ever mention cutting it off again.

*I am thankful for our social worker, Stacy! She is always available to us when I have a question and never seems to mind hearing from me!

*We are very thankful to have met Mike and Cathy, at an adoption meeting. They are also adopting and have been so kind to us! We spent Thanksgiving with their family and had a great time! John and I will be going to church with them this Sunday!!!

*Last but not least ~ I am thankful everyday for the friends we have made through our journey to Raegan! I have enjoyed so many heart to heart talks with them. Several of these I believe will be friends for the rest of my life!

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