May 2, 2008


Well folks...sometimes life is not what you expect it to be. It's important to remember to let go and let God! I like to know what's coming, have a list, schedule...something to that effect. I am finding that sometimes it's just best to close your eyes and take a deep breath!


Anonymous said...

It will all work out! You are one of the best and kindest persons I know. Good things have to come your way!! Luv ya!

Michelle & Mike said...

You will be in my prayers this weekend! I hope everything goes according to God's plan...regardless of the outcome, good or bad-(as we would see it)He knows what He is doing....Raegan will enter your life at the right time...I truly believe that..Good Luck and keep me posted about the interview!


Anonymous said...

I know you are freaked out. You so deserve this and it will work itself out. I will help you guys any way I can. You are going to be a wonderful mom and deep down you know this. I am a call away anytime you two need me before during and after she blesses your world! Love ya Boo Boo, Tsipiora