June 24, 2008

Fingerprint Update?

Today was our appointment (8am) for updating our fingerprints. Does this step make good sense to anyone? It doesn't to us. Well I wasn't sure about the traffic from here to Naperville, soooooo we ended up being an hour early. At 7am there isn't much to do for entertainment. McDonald's for breakfast was about it!

Hats off to the ladies working at the USCIS field office in Naperville!!! The office was full at 8am when they opened and everyone we spoke with was extremely nice and helpful! Two of my fingers didn't want to have their picture taken so it took some extra work. Thankfully the government is giving us one free extension - yeah! Here's hoping that we have Raegan home before we need to do them again!


Michelle & Mike said...

I could have easily written your comment. We had our fingerprints done today also. We arrived in Nashville 1 hour early with our appointment being at 8:00 to a crowded office as well. Like you, we were early because we were not sure about construction traffic-We ate at Mcdonalds for breakfast and USCIS had trouble with two of my fingerprints- my left middle finger and my left pinkie-Mike wondered what was taking so long-a lady before us was renewing her prints for the THIRD time-also for China. A little boy who was 4 when they started and he is 6 1/2 now. Wow! Are we alike or what?


Monika & Jim said...


I just wanted to comment on your Blog - it's beautiful!!!!


Annette said...

I'm right with ya... we go next week and I'm praying we don't have to do it a third time!
Love the new header.. it's pretty!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I have mine to do very, very soon... as soon as I have finished here I am off to get paperwork together for our 3rd lot of fingerprints etc I have had my freebie - wahhhh... when will the paperwork ever end... take care - oh and love the new look...

Choosing Happiness said...

I had the hardest time with the fingerprints ....Apparently, I don't really have any! I am glad that is behind you and I hope you do not have to go again:)