June 9, 2008

Our LIDiversary!

Yesterday was our official 15 month anniversary of our LID with the China Center for Adoption Affairs. Yes the long wait is awful for both of us, but we know that when the time is right our baby will be ready for us to fly to China and bring her home!
Warmest Regards,


redmaryjanes said...

Hi there, your blog is darling! We just celebrated 16 months.

Michelle & Mike said...

I am not that far behind ya girl-we are coming up on our 15th month as well! I almost said 15 years cause it feels like it has been that long! HEE HEE!


Annette said...

Right there with you.... your new blog look is so pretty!

Wendy said...

Happy 15!


i will rejoice w/ the angels the day your get your sweet one in your arms ... stay encouraged that the Lord knows your heart and your longing!! I am praying here !!!!

Jake and Taryn said...

Congratulations on 15 months!! Hang in there and know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you wait.