December 6, 2008

Laid Off.....

John and I were laid off yesterday. Yes we expected it, but that doesn't make it feel any better. We both work in the auto industry. These are scary times in our country for sure. We are trying to stay optimistic and are hopeful that a change of power in Washington will cause an economic turnaround.

On a lighter note, the temps in northern Illinois are in the single digits and the snow is steadily falling! It is so pretty!!! I will get out this afternoon and take some pretty pictures!

*Update...I miss my friends at work. It's Monday and we should all be at break together, eating and laughing. HOHOHO!


Wendy said...

I'm so sorry to read this. I'm sending you hugs from Utah. You're right -- so many families going through this, and at this time of year, too. :-(

We'll be praying for you. I love that you are looking for the beautiful despite negative things happening in your life.

Keep believing in miracles! :-)

Michelle & Mike said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your news. Even though you knew it was bound to happen, it is still a shock. Enjoy the snow and cuddle time while the weather outside is frightful and prayers going up for you and John during this time...


McKenzi said...

Looks like we have a little prayer game of telephone going back and forth! I hope all is well and there will be lots more happiness in the future.