March 13, 2009

A Photo Update...finally

The road to Mothers house! It's amazing how much I've missed these views. Nothing compares to home!

The view on the way to Mothers house! Did I ever tell you I love black cows? This farm has tons of them!

Olivia is terrified. See how tightly she is gripping John's sleeve

Thrilled Olivia!

John is a man with priorities!

Snow in Tennessee. WHAT???

My first Tennessee plant! It's doubled in size already!!!

Receipe for a happy marriage...laughter!
Our 7th Anniversary on February 16th!!! Humidity is bad for naturally curly hair as you can see from the looks of my part!

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Anonymous said...

I like the floors and cabinets! You also need to teach me how to take care of a plant. Marlon got me one for V-Day and it already died!