December 11, 2009

December is Busy

4th...Greg and Amy brought Olivia to spend the weekend to dog sit for us! Boy was Abby excited! She loves Olivia

5th...We drove to Pigeon Forge, TN to go to the Dixie Stampede with Mom and Rodney. If you get a chance to do this you really should! The show was good and the food was awesome!

6th...We enjoyed a great breakfast at a buffet on the strip and drove home!

12th...a Christmas party of finger foods, fellowship & dirty Santa! So much fun!

13th...Mom & Rodney came over for pizza and to help us put up our Christmas tree! After not having a tree since 2004 it is about time to get our holiday spirit back! Olivia's 1st grade Christmas play! I can hardly wait to see it! This will be the first time I've been close enough to go to anything of hers!

18th...John and I are taking Olivia to see the new Disney movie A Princess and A Frog! Our movie outing has been postponed due to my holiday head cold! yuck!

24th...Christmas Eve lunch at my Uncle Mitch's house with all of my cousins. We drove to mom's for a Manwich dinner with her, Rodney and Greg. HoHoHo, now both John and I are sick! But not till after our family gathering.

25th...Christmas lunch with my brother Tim's family, brother Greg's family, Mom & Rodney. Heather and Jay drove up from Huntsville for a visit. So far, they have managed to not catch our "Christmas cootie"! ha! We went to a Chinese buffet for dinner and have mostly stayed in watching movies in our pj's (trying to contain the cootie) my 40th birthday!

31st...a New Year's Eve party! WooHoo! If our hanging on for dear life "Christmas cootie" is still with us, we won't be going to any parties!