June 8, 2010

5 Months

Happy 5 month Birthday to little toot!!! She is more awesome by the day if you can believe that!!! She woke up with a little cold this morning but is still smiling and slobbering! Get ready...her come some bullets!

  • We started rice cereal in her bedtime bottle about 2 weeks ago. Since them she's slept through almost every night! WooHoo!

  • She still wakes up with a big happy smile every morning and at naptime too!

  • My training is going well...she throws the toys and I jump up and give them back to her! God knows I need the exercize!

  • She rolls over and over, but only to the left

  • So far we've tried applesauce, prunes, sweet peas and sweetpotatoes. Prunes are her fav so far!

  • She has a favorite blankie that my cousin, Teckla, got her at a thrift store. I've looked everywhere for an "extra" one and can't find it. Hope we never loose it

  • She has the cutest laugh

  • She weighs 15.1 lbs

  • She loves Abby

  • She loves her toys and puts all of them into her mouth

There is a recall on the Hummer, so we're taking it to Knoxville today and getting in some shopping at the mall! Ended up not going to West Town Mall and stopped at Burlington Coat Factory instead! They have the cutest baby cloths and since it was toot's 5 month birthday some gifts were in order!

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