December 5, 2010


I hate that I didn't post something in November {yet}! All of you with little ones knows how quickly things change and how fun it is! We celebrated Thanksgiving in Arab/Huntsville, Alabama with John's family! Great food for sure! Got to spend some time with Heather and Jay and they loved on Little Toot! My brother, Chris, watched our Abby and she was a naughty little dog. I know she was out of her element and missed her family, but she was warm and loved on so she should have behaved better!ha! Hope you all are doing well and gearing up for "Santa"! I'm so excited to get our tree up and wrap the "Santa" stuff! We let little Toot pick her own gifts at Wal^art...she doesn't know what's happening anyway and that way we know she'll like the few things we bought. Speaking of gifts, we've decided to get her only 3 gifts from "Santa". This is because the 3 Wise Men brought gifts to the baby Jesus and we don't want little Toot to be raised to be a materialistic brat. We do things for others all year long and we feel that is very important to teach her those lessons early.


Christie said...

Even from the backside, she's too cute! Merry Christmas to your family!

Phoenix said...

Your baby is so cute.