January 3, 2012

My purposeful word for 2012?

I have thought and prayed about this concept for a few weeks now. I wondered if it would really mean anything to me? Would the daily thinking on this WORD help me to be more patient with everything and everyone that it was important to be patient with? We shall see, but I'll admit that I have very high hopes! Last year, I attempted to read the Bible in a year. I failed. My goal was to get up a little early every day and do my reading at the dinning table where there was good light and I'd be on the opposite end of the house from the bedrooms so I wouldn't wake John and Piper. Well......some days I overslept, some days I had been up and down with Piper, some days I was just plain old lazy. I can be pretty tough on myself. This is a new year and I'm working on forgiving myself and moving on! I'll come back here and add some new links for reading that are much more manageable!

I need to also admit that the April 2011 tornado has changed me. I've always been pretty brave I guess. Not anymore. If the wind is blowing much or it looks like it could storm, I want to be at home in my "safe place". The Lord spared our live on that April day and I am so grateful!, but, I also wonder why He did? I want to be open, to what He needs from me. I'm a planner/list maker, and sometimes it's tough to let that go and really focus and listen to what it is He is saying!

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