December 26, 2012

WOW it's been to long

I guess I could make a bunch of silly excuses about my lack of blog interest but I've just had a crazy year and will promise to be better in 2013!  Piper is growing and changing so fast that some days I wish I could take a nap and some days I could cry wishing to slow it down so I can take it all in! She is smart, very funny, silly, sharp as a tack. She loves her baby dolls and stripping off every stitch of their cloths! She is in her second year of "school" at our church.  She LOVES her teachers, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Tabitha! She randomly asks me where is my Truett and my friends? She is very kind and thoughtful and just has a big loving heart. Depending on what is going on with us when she asks about her friends, I'll say so and so is brushing teeth and going potty getting ready for bed, or so and so is going to Walmart with his mom too! The house is in great shape after the tornado.  Don't know if I'd say we are recovered...not sure you ever recover. Yes we've rebuilt and changed some things but I don't think we'll ever get over what we've been through.  During the past three years, my brothers and I have gone from all living in the same area that our Mother lives in to each living hours and hours apart. BIG change for all of us.  I miss my family desperately.   Holidays are very sad when you're alone.  I have John and Piper, but sure miss the extended family! We have alot of yard work planned for the spring and several trips in 2013 also! Stay tuned and I promise to be a little more in touch in the coming year!!!

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