June 20, 2007

Grandpa's Quilt

We are gathering fabric to make a quilt for our baby girl! I know that her quilt will be priceless to her someday. I know this because the quilt in the picture is dear to my heart...my most prized possession. It was sewn by my granny and her sister, and was made from my grandpa's old flannel shirts after he died. There is no particular pattern; nothing fancy about it. Nonetheless, it is priceless to me! When you are not feeling well, this quilt is the best thing to wrap up in! Thankfully, we are not sick very often, so grandpa's quilt stays in it's place of honor...at the top of our stairs overlooking the livingroom! It is a reminder that he is always with me!

Those of you who haven't sent us your 8x8 square of cotton cloth for Raegan's quilt, please choose a fabric that says something about you. Your favorite color, pattern, print, cartoon character, sports team, race car driver...this will make her quilt even more unique! When you send your fabric, please send a note for the baby's scrapbook. This can include something about how you know us, how you'll be related to Raegan, a wish for her future, a prayer, your favorite quote, or bible verse, some good advise or simply words of welcome!!!

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