June 22, 2007

Our Abby!

This is our 5.2lb bundle of love! She is a 4 year old, Yorkie mix of some sort. I bought her from a backwoods breeder that swore she was Yorkie and Poodle. I am not one to go to such a place, the add in the paper made them sound like a state of the art something or other. When I saw her, it was over! I would have given any amount of money to make sure she came home with me! That first day, she weighed only 1 pound...would literally fit in the palm of my hand! She knows all of her toys by name and already loves to sit in Raegan's room!!! I wonder how she'll feel when there is a noisy little one in the crib instead of just stuffed animals???


K. said...

she is adddddddorable!

Gail said...

Your Abby is precious!!
I love it that she knows all her toys by name. Too Cute!