September 16, 2007


I woke up at around 6 this morning. This is not my idea of a great Sunday just happens that way. John and I are still working six days a week so I guess my body clock knows that early is "normal" for us!!! Our desk is on the second floor of our house, in a loft. I like the view out the big window so I chose not to put up blinds. There is an open field behind us so no neighbors to peek in! I was blogging away, leaned back in my comfy chair and saw the first real sign of Autumn! A perfect, round tree across the field has yellow and orange way up at the top!!!! Joy to me, as Autumn is my very favorite season! I love sweaters, hot chocolate and the crisp smell of burning leaves. I do miss the south terribly, but days like this make it ok to live in the north! I will take a pictures of that perfect tree and post it this afternoon! Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I really like this photo... I know what you mean about Autumn... it is a gorgeous time. Though living in Florida, you get about 1 month of winter if you are lucky... I do enjoy catching up on your site here... not every day or anything just every other week... take care...Felicity