September 16, 2007

What's in a Name?

When we decided to adopt, I was thrilled! For years I had carried a list of names in my purse. Names for both boys and girls. I would look at it on occasion and add or remove names. After the choice of China was made, none of the names seemed right. We knew we'd be getting a girl (94% of the babies adopted from China are girls). I got a baby name book and started the search for the perfect name for our baby girl!!! I nearly drove poor John crazy. I started a list and showed it to him often. He would cross off names faster than I could put them together! One day I said I really liked the name Raegan Adele! He liked it right away! When we lived in Hartselle, Alabama, I used to get my hair done at a small local salon. After my second back surgery I asked the doctor about having children. His response was so matter of fact. He had already anticipated the question and conferred with my GYN. The answer was NO. I think in my heart I had always known that I'd never carry my own child. I can't explain it...I just knew. After my appointment that day, I went to get my hair done. Honestly still feeling numb. A little girl with blond pig tails was there with her mom. I kept looking at a magazine and tried so hard not to look at her. She came up to me and introduced her little self and asked me my name. In a 3 year old confident voice she said, "My name is Raegan. What's your name?" Again, I can't explain the feeling, but I knew that everything would work out fine. And it has!!! Our paperwork got to China on March 8, 2007 and we hope to travel to get her by Christmas 2008! Yes it is a very long, demanding and sometimes sad process. I am still happy with our decision to go to China and look forward to meeting our Raegan! Her middle name is after a girl I went to high school with ~ Petra Adele Beaty. She has no idea yet. She was alway so kind to me and so proud of her name too! Her parents were stationed in Germany when she was born. The name is German and means noble and kind. Petra was both of these and I hope our Raegan will be also!!!


Danielle said...

Love the name. It's beautiful.

I sent you an email and would be happy to help you with your blog!


Susan said...

What a sweet story! My older daughters middle name is Adele. I love it! She is Sariah Adele.