October 21, 2007

A Family Visit!

We had a nice surprise a few days ago! John's mom (with Coco), sister and brother- in-law came to spend a few days with us! Why it had to rain on us I don't know; but we managed to make the best of it! Bethleen gave John a biscuit lesson and they turned out great! Thank you all for making the long trip, we really enjoyed the visit!


DiJo said...

Hey Michelle!
I am just stopping by to say "hi!" Thanks for following along with "the Pearl and the Ruby!" I know your wait must seem long, but Reagan will be such a blessing whenever she finally makes her debut! I look forward to sharing that exciting time with you here! Blessings while you wait!
P.S: Love your blog design!

Christy said...

Hay Michelle,

I just saw your comment on my blog www.tomiawithlove.blogspot.com and I am so glad my blog helped. I will tell you the only thing that got me through this horrible wait was to go on the blogs of families that have their babies. Somehow those families gave me hope that SOMEDAY our little girl would be in our arms. I know there are good days and bad days during this wait but on those bad days just remember that SHE WILL BE HOME WITH YOU WHEN SHE IS READY!! Not sure if you went back in our blog but we were skipped for no reason in March. Turns out our file had been misplaced in the review room and it had never even made it to the matching room. I was CRUSHED!!! I literally felt like my heart had been ripped out! We received our referral the next month- APril- for our amazing little girl. Turns out her paperwork had not even been processed until the day AFTER we had been skipped. MIa was not ready in March that is why we were skipped. Your baby will be ready and I know it does not make it any easier but she will come.

I look forward to watching your journey and seeing your little Reagan placed in your arms for the first time.

Christy :)

Jake and Taryn said...

What a sweet post! I too love family get togethers! I also couldn't help but notice your adorable nursery! I love the lavender, it is so sweet and girly! :)