October 5, 2008

Happy 60th Mom!

orange roses
pretty cake!
Mom with Erica and Olivia
Mom is stunned!
Mom and Me!

September 28, 2008
It took 1 bus to O'Hare, 2 different planes (with running purely for sport in between) and 1 rental car, from Nashville, to make it to Mom's house in time for birthday cake! This is the first time I've ever been able to totally surprise my mom!

We talked on the phone on the evening of September 21st. Mom said that if I couldn't be home for her birthday, then all she wanted was a chocolate cake with white frosting from Food City. Well those of you who know me well know that I can cry at the drop of a hat...this was nearly a washout. I hung up sobbing and told John what she'd said. His response was "just go!". What a husband I have! I called my middle brother, Greg, who became by co conspirator - sworn to complete secrecy! He and Amy were in charge of the cake and getting everyone together at the preset time on the 28th! I went to work on Monday morning and asked for the next week off and after some pleading and begging they said yes!!! WooHoo!!! I had to get up at 4am on the 28th to get to the bus on time. Change planes in Detroit. And just for the record, I have traveled a bit and find Detroit Metro to be my least favorite airport. Thank God for frequent flier miles and the kind woman at Northwest that went above and beyond the call of duty to find me flights that would get me home in time!

I sent her roses, as I always do, so she wouldn't suspect a thing!

This could be a mastercard commercial:
Flight(s) to Nashville....FREE
Rental car....more than I'd care to share
The look on her face......PRICELESS!!!!!


Michelle & Mike said...

I am glad you captured this special moment on camera..and I am glad you got to spend this special day with your mother along with several other days. Beautiful roses by the way..


Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, its Amy!!
It was good seeing you, we miss u already!
We were hopin ur mom wasn't gonna fall over that day! lol
We can't wait to see both u guys in a couple of weeks. We love you guys!!
Amy, Greg, Olivia

Oatsvall Team said...

fabulous ... i am sure the memories made were priceless ... did you get the Bynum's site off my latest post ... they have the $12,000 (in just 48 hours) ... God is so good !!!