April 13, 2009

Neat Finds

Since I have to rotate my time between sitting, standing/walking up and down our long hall, or laying on the couch...I've had some time to look up some neat stuff for you all to look at online!

Etsy:: design BOHTIEQUE This is a great site for personalized address labels! I have ordered from them and love everything she sent!
Lauren Nicole Gifts I love so many things on this site that I would hardly know what to choose!

Weight Watcher Recipes If you, like us, need to watch what you eat, then you'll enjoy this site!

Cary Hairbows Great selection of unique hairbows for your little girl or great as gifts too!

Livi Lu Originals This site has some really cute handmade cloths for little girls...love it!

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Wendy said...

Just saw your comment over on my blog. Sending hugs and encouragement and prayers your way.

Take care. ♥