May 28, 2009


No...M&M's have NOTHING to do with this post but the picture is pretty and I love them! The title is Blue Cross Blue Shield Explantion of Benifits, and boy have we seen several of those over the past few months. While I appreciate the insurance company keeping in touch and all, why can't they just wait a little longer and send it on one page and in one envelope? You know save a tree!!!

Well this post is really a PRAISE for those many sheets of paper that seem to keep on coming! The doctor told us that to have my 3rd SI (surgical intervention)done at The Surgery Center, Huntsville, would be less out of pocket for us than if we choose to do it at Huntsville Main. Considering our "out of work" status that was music to our ears! Well the 3rd SI ended up only costing us $178!!! WooHoo Well, now that the 4th SI is behind us we got the first EOB today. The MRI place agreed to take the allowed amount as payment in full!!! Life if pretty good tonight! My stitches come out tomorrow so we'll be on the road for about 3 hours in the morning and will drive back home Saturday after breakfast with John's mom.

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Katie said...

That's great! I hope you're doing okay :)