May 25, 2009

A Little Support?

Here is a funny recovery story for my faithful followers! While I am doing very well after the 4th (God willing the last L4-L5) surgical intervention, I still have some mild pain and numbness in my right calve and foot. Sort of like they are asleep but without the pins and needles. I have talked to the DOC about this and was assured that this sensation is normal after all I've been through. we got into bed last night and yes I was complaining about this strange feeling in my foot. I can't lay on my back yet and can't turn over so I am starting to get frustrated with it. John was teasing me and pretending to whine. So I whined back for him to stop teasing and give me a little support. Abby climbed up and over my backside to stand on my shoulder and licked me in the face! What a dog! She jumped right in to offer me the support I needed!


Mel said...

Hi Michelle!

I am looking forward to our move. My husband is from Nashville and his family is still there! I added you on my blog sidebar as well! Hope you get to feeling better! Poor thing.

Looks like you are waiting for your baby girl in China! I was in the China program and had a LID of 1/27/06. Unfortunately I had to make the hard decision to move on after nearly 3 years and withdrew my file. Praying for time to fly by and you get to meet your baby girl this year! Can't wait to follow along with your story!

Jill said...

Aren't animals the most loving things just when you need them??Hugs, Jill
(in the travel group with Kim from B&B Blog Design)