August 1, 2010

Toot News!

Hi folks! About time for an update, wouldn't you say? Get come some bullets!

  • Little Toot is even more awesome today than the last time I updated! I know you had no doubt about that!!!

  • She still doesn't care for fruit. I retried peaches this morning. She is strong willed and knows that she does not like peaches!ha! That goes double for applesauce, bannana's, and most especially green beans! She does love veggies, pears and prunes!

  • We are settled into a good routine. She has gotten to big for her swing so her naps have moved to her crib. The first day of that was rough but has been fine since then.

  • She is a great sleeper and eater!

  • She loves gingersnaps

  • Tomorrow she gets her 3rd set of shots and I dread it already

  • She moves quick in her walker and after her morning bottle, she turns her whole body to see it! Like she's telling me she's ready for a stroll!

I guess that's all for tonight. I'll add more tomorrow if I think of anything good!

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