December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

I feel so blessed today! My dad Jim and his girlfriend, Lu, came down from Michigan. My brothers and I haven't had Christmas with dad in 15 years. Of course, Little Toot, is the best part of the entire holiday season - and everyday that I live for that matter! She is doing just great! I'll come back and add some bullet updates tomorrow night after everyone and everything winds down a bit!

John's kids, Heather and Jay, are coming tomorrow morning! UPDATE The kids didn't make it here for Christmas, because of the snow both here and in Alabama.

Little Toot didn't have a clue what was happening with the gifts so I'm glad we didn't go overboard on that! She got her first "baby" from her grandpa and Lu and she kisses and hugs it! It's soooo cute! She also loves the walk toy that Tim (my brother) and Nida got her! She has walked down the hall and back several times today. I'll try to get video of that tomorrow and also some video of her crawling down the hall before she starts walking on her own!
  • Little Toot ate green beans today without spitting them back at me!
  • She has taken a few steps from me to John
  • She ate creamed potatoes at my brother's on Christmas Eve and loved them. We had tried several times and she didn't care for them
  • She is babbling like crazy and we LOVE it!
  • She "talks" to both of her grannies on the phone and loves to hear their voices
  • Her 1st Birthday party is planned and we are so excited about it!

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