January 15, 2011


I've been thinking of doing a post about our daily routine for a while now. So here goes....

  • 6 or 6:30am Little Toot is awake and talking/babbling to herself in her crib (no crying)

  • A diaper change and then she takes a 4oz bottle of SOY milk cause she has a milk allergy

  • We play in the floor and in her toy box till about 8am. She eats a jar of fruit and we play some more! I start a load of laundry and unload the dishwasher now

  • 9am Toot takes another 4oz bottle and we snuggle in the recliner till about 9:30, then she goes down for her morning nap. I change over the laundry and head to the shower cause it's the easiest time to freshen up!

  • Between 11:30 and 12:00, she wakes up calling mama mama mama! Now she eats a Gerber Graduates meal and giggles and smiles!

  • We play and practice walking till 2:30 or so. I give Toot another jar of "whatever" the princess points at! By 3pm she is down for her afternoon nap. Time to fold and put away that laundry!

  • She is usually up by 5pm and ready for another 4oz bottle and another jar of fruit or veggie

  • We eat dinner around 6pm. Toot sits in her high chair and eats puffs and "talks" to us

  • More playing till bedtime bottle at 8:30 and then into bed by 9pm. She nearly never cries. She has one paci in her mouth and one in her hand. Her bunny is in her arm and she is covered in a blanket that a friends mother made for us during one of our China swaps. My final chore of the day is adding soap to the dishwasher and setting it to run while we sleep.

Randomly throughout the day I check my email and FaceBook! Also, Abby is taken out to potty several times a day and has started to appreciate Toot dropping some puffs for her! It's a busy day but so filled with laughter and joy!

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