January 26, 2011

A Puzzle

I had a friend tell me once that life was like trying to work a puzzle without the benefit of the picture on the lid. We have random pieces that we do our best to fit together, but it would be so much easier with the lid. To me, that's where we sit right now, and where I've been sitting for a year: learning how to rest in the fact that the One who holds the lid to the puzzle box lives in us. He can see how it all plays out, why some people get the miracle (more lives affected for the kingdom if they continue life on earth?) and others don't (more lives affected for the kingdom if they pass to eternity?). It boils down to a matter of choice for us: We can trust that, because He knows how it all fits together, and He loves us enough to have made a way to spend eternity with us, we don't have to understand, just trust.

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