March 6, 2011

So Very Thankful...part 1

Sorry it's been so long between posts. Honestly, so many things have happened that some days I don't know which end is up.

Thanks be to God that Little Toot is still with us and it looks as if her adoption could be coming as soon as June! She will be 14 months old on Wednesday and John and I grow more in love with her every day. I am afraid I don't posses the vocabulary to properly express how thankful we are for her! December 2009 marked the 12 year point that I had been praying for a daughter. When I decided to pray for the "desires of my heart", the Lord already knew the plan!

It's funny how certain events in your life are imprinted on your brain.

I remember our trip to Standing Stone State Park the day we got the call to meet Little Toot, at the hospital. It had snowed here, in Tennessee, and it was really pretty outside. John drove and I took lots of great pictures!

I remember how the cold air stung my face when we got out to photograph a frozen waterfall.

I remember the crispness of the air.

I remember the quite {we were the only nuts in the park that day}.

I remember sitting down to eat our Subway. The phone rang in the back bedroom. We looked at each other cause only DCS and Discover Card have that number...John took the call. He came back to the table and told me that it was DCS, he said "go talk to them". We had gotten so many calls for placement needs. Always calls for to many kiddo's. We agreed when we started the fostering journey, that we would only take one or two at a time so that they could have their own bedroom, pleanty on closet space, a dresser. We wanted to make the children feel welcome in our home and make sure they had space to themselves.

I remember walking down the hall to take the call. I thought, well, John threw me under the bus. He didn't want to tell the caller NO, so he sent me to do it. I listened to the lady tell me about the baby girl and I waited to hear about her many siblings.....she said only ONE BABY GIRL! She was at the hospital and we needed to come there to meet the placement worker and sign some paperwork.

These are the nurses that were the first to meet Little Toot! Check back in a few days for part 2...

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