March 8, 2011

Happy 14 Months!

It's almost impossible for me to believe Toot is 14 months old! We grow more in love with her every day! I need to stop being a blog slacker...the memories will mean a lot to all of us when Toot is older! Love this picture. John was packing to leave for his job in Huntsville and Toot wanted him to take her turtle with him.
  • You are wearing a size 4 diaper
  • You have finally decided that you'll drink from a sippy, but NOT your soy milk
  • You can still wear lots of 12 month cloths - you are tall and thin!
  • You hair is sooo pretty {you can see it in this pic}
  • You still love mango's, peaches, pears and especially granny smith applesauce
  • You love to open and close the cabinet doors (several pinched finger's, so far)
  • One of your favorite pastimes is playing with the dvd's and opening all of the doors and drawers on the TV cabinet
  • You pull out any bows I try to make you wear
  • You LOVE your daddy
  • You have started hugging us and will pat our backs when your tiny arms are wrapped around our necks...melts us both like a stick of butter
  • Just this morning, you dropped my retainer into the toilet - then you clapped for yourself
  • You have 2 teeth on the bottom and only 1 on top
  • You can sign "more" and do it constantly
  • Your eyes seem to change color depending on what you are wearing
  • You love cheese puffs and feed our Abby a bite of whatever you are eating
  • I ask you, at about 8pm, if your ready to go nite nite and you'll shake your head yes
  • You nap at 10am and 3:30pm
  • You tasted chicken from Chick-fil-a yesterday and LOVED it!
  • You like to stand on top of the floor vents when the heat kicks on so that it blows your hair
  • You have now had 2 ear infections in the right ear and are just getting over a double ear infection (you take your meds like a champ too)
  • You don't grumble when your sick or pull at your ears, so it's hard to tell your sick
  • When I ask you if you want a bite you'll shake your head NO
  • You really are loving your "babies" and you try to burp them!

I guess that's a pretty good list for now. I hate that I missed posting last month, maybe this long list will cover it!

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