March 17, 2011

So Very Thankful...part2

Ok. Shocked. Amazed. Scared. Excited! Did I mention scared????

So back down the hall I go! John has gone back to eating his Subway, cause he assumed, as I did, that there would be to many for us to handle. I sat down with my food and told him that after we finished eating we had to go to the hospital to meet a newborn baby girl! Talk about a RUSH of emotions! I have never felt so much all at once and felt numb all at the same time. Honestly the strangest feeling I've ever had. We had nothing at our house for a baby that small. Oh well, off we go to the hospital. Neither of us had ever been to this hospital so we didn't know where we were going. Tough to read and follow signs when the butterfly's are doing flips in your stomach and your knee's are shaking! I am thanking the Lord for this child as we are trying to find our way to the nursery. So anyone that knows me in real life, knows that I am a happy gal {through and through} so you can imagine my excitement at this point!!!! John and I make it to where the DCS worker is and see all of these nurses and police hanging out, eating and chatting away. I thought, you know this is a small town and all of these folks must know each other so they are eating together and sharing the latest gossip. How nieve of me. The nurse in the blue from part 1 looks at me and says we'll go and get the baby. Dumb me, thinking she was in the little area behind the glass where the curtains were pulled. Several people leave the room and we realize that the police were there to go with the nurses when they went in to take the baby from her mother and father. My HUGE JOY turns to weak knees and sadness for the birth family. My concern was totally for the baby, but my heart hurt for the family. My greatest moment of JOY was such a sad time for them.

check back for part 3

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