April 27, 2011

So Very Thankful...part 3

Now where was I?

So we waited in the office and they bring Little Toot in a bassinet {is that what that clear, rolling thing is called?} I will never forget that first vision of her tiny little body. She was wearing a tiny little pink hat and was wrapped up so tightly {like a burrito} in a hospital receiving blanket. Oh my goodness! The overwhelming rush of emotions is something I'll never forget! The nurse, Gail, looked at me and said "do you have a camera, mom?" I remember thinking who is she talking to?, cause I felt numb and still in disbelief that this was all real and John and I were really going to take this gorgeous baby girl home! I ALWAYS have my camera in my purse, so yes I was ready! The sweet nurse picked Little Toot up and tried to hand her to me. I looked at John and said, "you first"! Nurse Gail started snapping pictures and we were both just amazed at this tiny, precious gift! I promise to add that first picture here as soon as the adoption is complete! We could not believe how much hair she has and how thick and dark it was! To this day, I am totally amazed that she is with us and that God trusted us to care for her! What an awesome gift she is to both of us! We stayed there with her till about 11pm. I could hardly take my eyes off of her. I went home and still felt like I was walking on a cloud! We didn't have anything small enough to fit her so I got up extra early (January 10, 2010) and went to the Algood Walmart and went crazy! I think I bought one of everything that would fit her!

please check back for the next part!

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