May 13, 2011

Tornado - April 27, 2011

We're hit. This is all I could say when my mom answered her phone at about 3:30, on the afternoon of the 27th. I was so scared that I could barely form words. For folks that know me in real life, you know that I shot out of the birth canal jibber jabbering! I'm never at a loss for words...EVER. So much loss and devastation {when we left our safe little hallway} it's almost more than you can comprehend. Our big privacy fence was gone [posts and cement], most of the roof was blown off, water was pouring in from the ceiling and most of it had fallen in, all of the front windows had blown out, there was random debrise in every direction. Both of our suv's were parked outside and were badly damaged.

So many details about our day, orchestrated by the Lord! John was off on Wednesdays! We had been working on the house all morning. We had only lived in the house 11 days when the tornado hit our home. I was down to the last box and John had brought it into the livingroom that morning. John had been patching holes in the walls of Little Toot's room and was getting ready to paint it the perfect shade of pink!

We are so thankful that our lives were spared and so grateful for everyone that has asked what we need. Truely, we don't have a clue what we need. Our insurance company put us up in a hotel for several days, and then moved us to an apartment about 6 miles from the house. They also had the apartment furnished like you would for a corporate apartment. It is very strange looking around and not seeing any of your stuff. We found out yesterday that we've lost everything fabric because of the glass. All of the baby's toys that were in the livingroom, all of our cloths and shoes {except what was in the washer and dryer and on our backs} also because of glass. All of our pillows and sheets and blankets were lost for the same reason. Our house smells like insulation and drywall dust and stale water.

Funny thing is, we still LOVE our house and look forward to getting to move back in! Contractor says it could be 3-4 months! We would appreciate your prayers!


michelle rhoden said...

Oh Michelle! Sorry to hear about what you are going through. If I can help in any way, please let me know-buying clothes or toys for little toot-anything that you and John need. We have been dealing with the flood waters and hoping it didn't make its way to our house-fortunately we were spared, but some of our neighbors had water up to their roofs. Praising God that you and your family were safe and praying for a quick return to your home and routine. Again, let me know if I can help!


The Old Line Belle said...

I would love to send your sweet family a care e-mail is if you would send your contact info to me. I will have your family in my prayers.