May 28, 2011

Lookin' at some Positives...

We are alive! Praise God for that with every breath I take! John's daughter, Heather, called to warn us about 3 minutes before we got hit by the f4 tornado. Our power had been flickering on and off for several hours and when she called it had been off for about 10 straight minutes.

Thankful that the tiny hallway where we were standing stood strong and shielded us from flying debris and glass!

Thankful that my mamaws old Singer sewing machine was placed in a little bumped out spot by the master bedroom door and it was not hurt at all!

Thankful my mamaws very old platter that she used to serve my papa his breakfast on was not hurt!

Thankful that I've never really been attached to material stuff because the windows in our master closet blew in - so we lost all of our cloths, shoes, belts, purses, etc. because of the blowing glass and miscellaneous debris. I had a pair of flip flops in the back of my SUV and don't even remember putting them there...that's the only pair of shoes I had left. Only cloths we had left was what I had in the washer and dryer when we were hit by the tornado.

So thankful for my sweet hubby, John and our beloved little toot and tiny pooch, Abby! Glad we were all together when this happened to us!

I may add to this list as the days go by. Right now we are all overwhelmed with "tornado business"! Seems like this event has consumed our lives since April 27th. Constant phone calls, meeting the contractor, roofers, drywallers, painters. It's really odd not knowing where our stuff is. ServPro came and packed up what was left and moved it to a warehouse. They will sort and clean everything and then bring it back to us when we are ready to move back in. We had talked about painting the dinning room a darker color and now it's done! Can't wait to share pics with everyone! I had told John on Tuesday night that I would love to have a new fence cause the one we had was ugly...that will be replaced now also!


Lilo Clacher said...

So glad you all OK.
What a horror to go through.
Hope you can enjoy your home soon
Good luck to all of you

3 Peanuts said...

Oh Michelle, I had not idea you went though all of this. When I saw your sweet comment today, I decided to pop on over and see what you and Toot had been up to. I am SO SO SO sorry about all you lost but you are so are all safe and that it what really matters. I am praying for you and that things move along quickly with the house. I am praying a LOT for Friday though:)

Beth said...

Just found your blog through your comment on Kelly Stamps' mother's blog! I had to click over to yours once I read about the tornado. We live in Madison, AL, so I am so happy you made it through in one piece!